Young people are the top priority for the Arrowhead Arts Association, which supports the futures of our talented young local musicians with thousands of dollars in annual scholarships in the following manner:

Private Music Instruction – Scholarships are paid quarterly to the teachers who in return charge the students less per lesson.  The payment is half of the fee charged to a maximum of $15 per lesson.

Instrument Rental Scholarships – Student instrument rentals are available to any student who signs up for one – there is a charge $50 per year for the rental.

Arrowbear Music Camp Scholarships – Arrowhead Arts Association partners with Arrowbear Music Camp to provide scholarships for local students in grades 4 through 12. The students participate in intensive courses of music study throughout each summer season and emerge with more richly defined talents.

For Information about Scholarships offered by Arrowhead Arts Association, email   Please be sure to tell us the category of scholarship in which you are interested.

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Photo Credit: Mike Lee / Starlight Photography