Introducing children to music at a young age…..

  • Encourages receptiveness to learning
  • Increases cultural awareness and personal growth
  • Improves self-expression and self-worth
  • Develops social and communication skills
  • Leads students to a life-long appreciation of music and the arts

The youth of our community are central to the goals of Arrowhead Arts Association.   The Youth Enrichment Programs seek to foster the musical education of local students from grades K through 12. Since the programs were launched in 2001, thousands of students have benefited from high quality instruction. All programs are free (material fees may apply) and fully sponsored through grants and community donations.

For more information about Youth Enrichment Programs at your child’s school please contact the school administration office.

Early Childhood Music Program

This program introduces the children to the musical concepts of melody, harmony, tempo, dynamics and rhythm. Through singing, playing instruments, movement, and a variety of teaching props and puppets manipulated by the children they participate in creating music.

Introduction to the Orchestra Program

With the use of real symphonic instruments, children are introduced to the functional mechanics and sounds from each section of the orchestra. Children are given time to see, hear, touch, and each play string, wind, and percussion instruments. This experience encourages young people to choose and play an instrument later in grades four through twelve.

String Program and Youth Orchestras

String programs include the Elementary, Elementary Advanced, Intermediate Orchestra, Intermediate Chamber Players, and Young Artists’ Ensemble (the most advanced). The Elementary String program is offered to students of grades 4, 5 and 6 at three Rim of the World School District elementary schools.  After-school programs include the Elementary Advanced for advanced violin, viola and cello students of grades 5 and 6, and the Intermediate Orchestra, Intermediate Chamber Players, and Young Artists’ Ensemble for Middle and High School string musicians.

Musical Performances in the Schools

The Youth Enrichment Program presents annual musical performances by renowned musicians to three elementary schools reaching over 2,000 children grades K through 6 without cost to the school district.

Youth Symphony Concerts

For students to experience and observe the joy of music-making in a symphony orchestra, the Association presents free concerts by some of the finest regional youth symphonies.  Recently these have included the acclaimed Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra and Symphonie Jeunesse Orchestra, performing outstanding music by young people, for young people, and adults as well!

A very special thanks to the Rim of the World School District for their partnership and the coordinators and teachers who make the Youth Enrichment Programs possible.

Chyrl Russell, M.A., Coordinator

Diane Grady, B.A., Teacher

Carol Sonntag-Garcia, B.A., Teacher

Sharon Rizzo, M.A.,  String Instructor

Linda Wilson, B.A., String Instructor

The success of these programs depends on our volunteers in a variety of capacities, from making puppets to repairing instructional materials to assistance in the classroom. Please call (909) 337-2215 for further information.

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